Current Production Turn Around Time: 7-10 Business Days


  • How long will it take to receive my order? 

All of our products are made-to-order and have a standard production time of 7-10 business days.  Then they are then shipped via 2-3 day shipping.  

  • Do you offer Military or Law Enforcement discounts? 

We are a law enforcement family ourselves and strive to take care of those in our community as well as our brothers and sisters in the military branches.  Due to the cost of the components we use, our margins are too slim to offer significant discounts.  Given that a large chunk of our customer base are military or law enforcement, we are mindful to keep our price points fair, even if that means less profit.  For context, for the price of our most expensive collars, if you went to a different supplier, you could get a collar in black or brown, with poor craftsmanship, and low quality components.  Our customers get multiple color options, a fast turnaround time, the best components available, and craftsmanship that is highly focused on detail and durability.  

  • What size collar should I get for my growing puppy? 

Let us know if your puppy is still growing and what their neck size is now.  We will make it so their current neck size fits the smallest setting on the collar, allowing for maximum room to grow.  If you're wanting to order for when the pup is closer to full grown, just let us know.  We have made thousands of dog collars and have a really good feel for neck sizes of breeds.  

  • Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses? 

Absolutely!  We are honored to ship to our brothers and sisters that are deployed. 

  • I see regular MultiCam in pictures of your products, but can't find it on your site, how do I order it? 

We used to offer MultiCam as an option but it had a tendency to fade quickly so we removed it and a couple of other options from our site.  Camo webbing will inherently fade, but the green dye in the MultiCam was prone to quicker-than-normal fade.  The options currently listed on our site hold up well.  

  • How do I select a certain font for my personalized collar? 

Our default font style is a plain block style font.  We have a handful of other options upon request.  These include a military stencil style, a fun/goofy style, and an olde English style.  These examples can be viewed on product pages or on our Instagram page.  If you have a preference, just let us know in built notes!

  • Can I get the Thin Blue Line collar with my dog's name on it? 

Absolutely!  If you select 'Add Flag' and mention in the 'build notes' section that you would like a Thin Blue Line flag, we will make it happen!