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Silver Edition - Extreme Personalized 1.5" Dog Collar

The Silver Edition Extreme Personalized Collar is the same as our most popular Extreme Personalized collar, but features a polished silver Cobra buckle, gray thread, polished silver welded D-ring, and a gray tri-glide. 

This collar is not only super stylish but it is insanely over-built with a buckle that is rated at over 3,000 lbs breaking strength and webbing rated at over 2,000 lbs.  

Is your dog on the smaller side for their breed or are you unsure which size would be best?  Here is how to easily measure your dog's neck.  Need more adjustability?  If you select NO FLAG, your collar will have an extra inch of downward adjustability.  

Please note: we cannot add additional loop fastener for removable patches on this product.

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Severin
K9 RAVEN's new TactiPup collar transforms her into an instant BADASS

It has been five weeks since K9 RAVEN was adopted from Heartland Animal Shelter. She has been very cautious with dogs and people. But after placing her new TactiPup collar on this gorgeous "BorderMalinois," she has become more assertive, more confident, and is now the Dogpark Playtime Director! No joke, man! May we send a photo???

Katie Bekl
Extreme Personalized 1.5” Collar for Honey

I got my rescue this collar with the name “Honey”. It’s a strong collar and a bigger size than her prior collar. It looks FABULOUS on her and I know she’s safe and comfortable wearing it.

Susan Blasko
Not one ounce of wiggle room.

It’s too small - I followed directions about measuring to the letter and I’m so very disappointed. I can’t pay another 77

Dana Murnane

Love the collar. It looks great on her and provides the right support for her neck!


Amazing product and could not be happier with my purchase!