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Extreme Harness with Metal Buckles

The Tactipup Extreme harness is designed for people who need or simply want the best possible harness for their dog.  We spent 3+ years creating various prototypes, testing them in regular day-to-day use, testing them in bite work on a back-tie, testing them in tracking, as well as day-to-day patrol and landed on this design that our customers LOVE.  

This harness is constructed with the best materials we could get our hands on and features 2 AustriAlpin Cobra buckles for easy on/off.  Many designs on the market today have one buckle, requiring you to put the harness over the dog's head and lift one of the dog's front legs up and through the front loop before allowing you to secure the harness.  Our patent pending design allows you to put the harness over the dog's head, pass the chest plate through their front legs, and then buckle each side.  If your dog is reactive, amped, or generally difficult to manage, this will make your life significantly easier.  

Pro Tip: If you choose "No Logo - Loop Panel for Patch" under the "Chest Logo Color" drop down, we offer a wide range of patches that are designed specifically to fit the 2.75" x 2.75" loop patch panel.  


  • 5.5" x 4" loop on each rear side for patches
  • 2 AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles
  • Low Profile grab handle
  • Forged Steel V-Ring

Sizing Guide: 

Small: Dogs/Puppies 30-45 lbs with chest girth of 21 - 27 inches (note, the small harness is made with 1" wide shoulder and belly straps and the 1" AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles)

Medium: Dogs 45-65 lbs with chest girth of 25-32 inches

Large: Dogs 61-88 lbs with chest girth of 28-37 inches 

X-Large: Dogs 88 - 150 lbs with chest girth of 32-45 inches

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