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Extreme XL - 2 inch Tactical Dog Collar with Handle

The Tactipup Extreme XL Tactical 2 inch collar offers the same ridiculously strong and reliable combination as our Extreme Tactical Collar, but is for those people looking for a wider collar.   This collar works incredibly well for dog handlers doing agitation work, as an agitation collar, or folks who just have large dogs and want bigger collars.  The leash connection point is a heavy-duty rigger's V-ring and is positioned next to the buckle.  Our design keeps your dog safe by keeping the buckle away from their trachea.  

This collar comes standard with a 2 inch metal cobra buckle, a heavy-duty rigger's v-ring, and premium 17337 military grade nylon webbing.  These components are assembled with heavy duty bonded thread and can handle any thing you can throw out of it no matter how large your dog is or how intense he/she is doing agitation work.  The 2 inch collar has a working load of approximately 2,500 lbs with a break strength in the range of 3,000-4,000 lbs.  

Not sure which size?Here is how to easily measure your dog's neck.  If your dog's neck size is near the low or high end of our ranges, or is a puppy and still growing, make a note in the 'neck size' field and we will fine tune the size for a perfect fit!

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