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Best Free Dog Training Resources

Training your dog is by far the best way to ensure they live a happy and healthy life. However, should the best online dog training courses be expensive? No! In fact, a mere 8% of dog owners enroll their pups in courses offered by professional dog trainers. Meanwhile, 73% of owners offer their dogs at least some type of basic training method. Whether you can afford behavior training or must do it for yourself, though, using a training plan is an absolute must!

Why Dog Training is Important

Like humans, your dog needs to undergo effective training techniques to build confidence. Training will also help your dog experience less stress, teach life skills, and promote mental stimulation. Perhaps the most important reason to provide humane training is for your dog’s safety.

Meanwhile, failure to utilize effective online dog training courses can leave your dog feeling confused, aggressive, and destructive. Over time, their behavior may cause them to lash out at another dog or even a person. Sadly, this means they may have to be put down despite their issues being directly linked to your inaction.

The Benefits of Training Your Dog

Still debating whether it’s worth the time to teach your dog some polite behaviors? Below, ourtactical dog gear company will lay out some of the top perks you’ll receive for developing a training plan with some online classes.

Strengthening the Bond Between You and Your Dog

Giving your dog basic training will allow the two of you to strengthen your bond. After all, your dog loves to please you, and he or she also wants to understand you better. Plus, you’ll enjoy having a pup who is properly responsive, happy, obedient, and relaxed. Online dog training videos can help you reach this goal.

Creating a Well-Behaved and Happy Dog

You might think teaching your pup using online videos is a negative thing. After all, doesn’t training them take away their instinctual behaviors? The answer is a resoundingno! Instead, being trained gives them a sense of relief because it allows them to better understand their place in the world. In turn, this will make them happier and much better behaved. Complete training can be found online with online dog training videos.

Ensuring the Safety of Your Dog and Others

It’s impossible for you to predict every moment in life, but that’s why online dog training courses are so important. For instance, what happens if your dog jumps over your fence? When they’ve been to qualified trainers, you can stop them in their tracks with a word or clicker for training commands. Without proper instruction, they roam free which presents a risk to people, animals, or themselves.

Improving Communication with Your Dog

It’s no secret that you can’t speak dog, and your dog will only learn certain command words through the repetition of training materials. Putting in the effort will be worth it, though, as you and your dog will see a marked improvement in your communication. A dog that hears and understands the command ‘sit’ will do so immediately. This gives them confidence and will help improve your entire relationship. There are so many important dog commands that can improve communication with your dog like “heel” or “stay”. Online classes can help you achieve this!

Different Approaches to Dog Training

There are several different approaches to training for you to consider. Personal dog trainers at Dunbar Academy and Fenzi Dog Sports Academy use a wide range of training methods. Professional trainers Zak George and Emily Larlham also have their personalized training plans. Let’s consider a few of the best approaches to online dog training videos for you to try!

Positive Reinforcement Training

Online dog training courses typically teach positive reinforcement training. Using positive reinforcement is one of the best approaches to training. Rewarding your pup each time they follow your commands will really make the lesson stick. Be sure to pick out their favorite treat for this complete training method, and refer to online dog training support if you have any questions.

Clicker Training

A positive reinforcement trainer may also utilize a clicker. This small mechanical noisemaker focuses on your training goals by clicking each time your dog does something right. When combined with a treat, clicker training works for all ages, including puppies. It’ll also help when it’s time to visit a veterinary clinic.

Professional Trainers vs. DIY Training

Whether you’re looking for basics or advanced trick training, you have two choices: hire professional dog trainers or train your pup yourself. A professional may train in person or via online dog training courses. Either way, it can be expensive. If you choose to train them yourself, you’ll save a lot of money but also need a lot of patience, time, and consistency. Therefore, turn to free online dog training videos to help. 

Online Dog Training Programs

Online dog training can provide a happy medium between professional trainers and the DIY approach. Essentially, you can watch professional online dog training videos that work with your schedule and then replicate what you’ve seen with your pup. This allows you to save some money on in-person classes, but you’ll also have online dog training support. Their training materials will help you with behavior training.

Top Free Online Dog Training Courses and Resources

Utilizing online classes allows you to access materials whenever you need them. In other words, if signing up for training at a specific time is too difficult, then you can take advantage of training videos in the training library at any given moment. Additionally, you’ll receive online dog training support.

Below are some of the best free online dog training courses! You can also sign up for a day trial using some of these sources.

Ian Dunbar's Dunbar Academy

The Dunbar Academy offers a page of free online dog training videos, including puppy training courses. The videos may not cover more advanced obedience training, but they’re a good way to get started. Dunbar Academy also offers a premium membership full of online dog training courses taught by behavior consultants.

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution

Zak George offers more than 900 free online dog training videos on YouTube. Therefore, whether you’re looking for basic manners or advanced tricks, you can access everything you need for free! This is one of the best free online dog training courses. It provides step-by-step video instructions.

K9 Training Institute

K9 Training Institute has a free online workshop that teaches regular dogs how to train like service dogs! Learn everything from potty training and crate training to walking your dog on a loose leash. Additionally, K9 Training Institute has a premium membership. Begin by trying their free online dog training videos featuring behavior consultants.  

Expert Tips and Techniques for Effective Dog Training

Now that you know more about the benefits of tailored online dog training videos for your pup's age—including those in puppy training—understand that this is the first step. Next, utilize the following training materials to achieve the best possible results!

The Importance of Consistency in Training

Proper, humane training involves providing your dog with as much consistency as possible. It doesn’t matter if you utilize online dog training videos, a clicker, or crate training. What does matter is that you provide consistent, easy-to-follow commands, especially for dogs in puppy training.  

Building a Strong Foundation with Basic Obedience Training

It’s important that you establish a strong foundation for your dog to follow. Imagine trying to use online dog training videos to teach your dog advanced obedience training tricks without first teaching him or her the basic commands. It simply wouldn’t work. Therefore, start with the easy stuff, such as ‘sit,’ ‘lay down,’ and ‘stay,’ before moving on to more advanced trick training. Also, be sure to use proper training materials Again. Consistency is key to building a strong foundation. 

Addressing and Correcting Behavioral Issues

Rather than trying to punish negative behaviors, it’s much more useful to provide positive reinforcement with training materials. If you ignore your dog when he or she does something wrong but then praise them when they do something right, they’ll soon learn which behaviors you’ll accept. This is one of the first approaches to training that you’ll learn from any online dog training courses.  

Using Positive Reinforcement and Rewards

The only thing that will truly work is to offer positive reinforcement training backed up by a reward. Your dog is food-motivated, after all. As such, getting a treat from you is a very big deal. Due to repetition and treats, they’ll naturally learn what you’re attempting to teach them. This approach is also the best way to move on to advanced trick training.

Understanding and Implementing Impulse Control Training

Your dog needs you to implement some basic guidelines, including impulse control. Consider, for example, how useful impulse control can be if your dog tries to escape their leash. Proper training will prevent this, but not training them could lead to their being hit by a car. Therefore, implement this right away with the assistance of online dog training videos.

The Takeaways

I think there are three key points you can take away from this post for an effective training strategy: 

1) Free online courses and resources like Dunbar Academy and K9 Training Institute simplify dog training for everyone.  

2) Apps like Puppr, GoDog, and Dogo have become essential tools, offering valuable guidance. 3) Consistency and adaptation to your dog's learning pace are crucial for effective training. Utilize these tools for a happy, safe, and well-trained canine.

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FAQs: Best Free Dog Training Resources

What About Dog Training Apps?

During the pandemic, in-person training was limited, making the popularity of dog training apps soar. These apps provide flexible training options anytime, anywhere; some even feature one-on-one sessions with expert trainers.

Are dog training apps really worth it?

Apps like Puppr and GoDog offer interactive classes and can be highly effective.

What is the best free dog training app?

Puppr is highly recommended for its user-friendly interface and extensive variety of lessons. GoDog and Dogo are also great options, offering practical features like step-by-step guides and interactive challenges.

Is Puppr a free app?

Puppr offers free basic features with additional premium content available for purchase.

What is the highest rated dog training certification?

The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) is often considered the top certification.

What is the number one rule in dog training?

Consistency is key in dog training to ensure effective learning and behavior modification.

What is the hardest thing to train a dog to do?

Training a dog to reliably come when called off-leash in the presence of distractions is often considered the most challenging task.