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Extreme Traffic Leash with Swivel

If you add this leash to your collection and tell your friends you have literally the best leash on the market, you will be known as an abundantly honest and brilliant person from that point forward!  At minimum you will be known for having a great eye for the perfect leash they didn't know existed!

The Extreme Traffic Leash with Swivel features 3 layers of military grade nylon webbing, a Kong Frog connector, and a high end alloy swivel and will stand up to whatever your dog can throw at it.  This leash will keep the handle accessible for scenarios when you need extra control of your pup and the swivel prevents excessive twisting above the traffic handle.  

The only thing we don't like about this leash is that we didn't release it sooner!  

Customer Reviews

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Bill Rhodes
Great leash!

I've tried many leashes with our Belgian Malinois and Great Dane mix — I walk them both at the same time — and these leashes are the best. It's really easy to loop it over your shoulder and around your back to keep a large, strong dog near the heel position. The extra loop provides an effective means of additional control. I have several of these and I highly recommend it.

Dean Stone

Good stuff


Love this leash only wish the swivel was below the loop as my dog is a service dog and he like to twist when I hold him at the loop otherwise great product very well made


Quality materials and craftsmanship. Very impressed.

Katharine Stroebe
Amazing leash and quality

I love this leash so much I bought it for my mom. My Malinois is going through a. Lot of training but I love the handle piece to hold her close when we’re walking through crosswalks because I don’t trust other drivers. The leash is sturdy and so well made. I’ll buy from Tactipup over an over again