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Extreme Tactical Dog Leash with Swivel

The sophisticated twin brother of our top selling Extreme Tactical Dog Leash!  This product is constructed with the same military grade webbing and top-of-the-line Kong Frog connector but features an integrated swivel to reduce twisting of the leash.

The swivel is constructed from high quality aluminum and while not as strong as the non-swivel version, it is still incredibly strong and stronger than most standard leashes on the market today.  How do we know?  We connected a leash to a truck and a cement pole and needed around 2,000 RPMs to break the leash at the swivel.

Note: this leash should NOT be used as a fixed line, back tie, or tie out and should only be held by hand.  

Pair with our Extreme Tactical Dog Collar for a high end load-out.  

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