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Extreme Personalized 2" Dog Collar


The Extreme Personalized 2 Inch collar is the collar you will see on our personal dogs more often than not.  This collar is insanely strong, very durable, and has more adjustability than the model with the handle making it a better option for growing dogs or dogs with a neck size smaller than 17.5 inches.  

The strength and width of this collar make it an excellent choice for working, sport, and personal protection dogs.  It is safe on your dog's throat and is strong enough to handle ANYTHING you throw at it. 

Collar is made with:

  • 2" Metal AustriAlpin Cobra Buckle (rated at 2,000+ lbs)
  • 2" Military Grade Webbing
  • Forged Steel V-Ring
  • Embroidered Name (sewn on to collar)
  • USA Flag Patch with 2x1" Loop Strip (if added)

This collar is made to your dog's neck size with 2 inches of upward adjustability and 1-2 inches of downward adjustability when possible.  Collars at the smaller end of the size spectrum may have little to no downward adjustability.  Accurate neck size is important as we do not accept returns due to incorrect size being input.

Here is how to easily measure your dog's neck.

Growing puppy?  Mention the breed and age in the build notes and we will make your collar with more upward adjustability if possible. 

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