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Cobra Buckle Dog Cool ltecollars - Which Buckle is Right for You?

ever best v bcc A tactical dog collar is nothing without high quality fabric AND high quality hardware.  At Tactipup, every component of our gear is tested for reliability and durability before we use it in the custom gear we make for your pup.

Let's take a closer look at the various Cobra buckles that we construct our collars with here at Tactipup.

1.  GT Cobra Buckle:  This 100% polymer is buckle with a 500 pound load strength performs better than any other non-metal buckle on the market.  In fact, it's 3x stronger than your standard plastic/polymer buckle that you might see on a backpack or standard dog collar.  You get the best of both worlds with this buckle considering its sheer durability coupled with its lightweight design.  Due to the polymer construction, the GT Cobra Buckle reduces any sound or rattling that often accompanies similar collars constructed out of metal.  The buckle does not open under pressure.  However, the quick release design allows you to open it with ease, using only one hand.

2.  Cobra Buckle:  This buckle has been put to the test in nearly every condition imaginable and never fails to perform.  Cobra buckles have a 3,000 pound tension strength, meaninggffcddd it is a load bearing, quick release buckle.  It is constructed out of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel.  This combination of materials is designed to work under the most extreme conditions - think sand, dust, and even salt water - so you never have to worry about rust, corrosion, or compromise to the integrity of the buckle.  Cobra buckles are most commonly used on tactical belts, parachute rigging, rescue systems, and cargo straps.  In other words, these buckles are designed to perform no matter the activity.

3.  D-Ring Cobra Buckle:  This buckle is the marriage of two of the most trusted products in their respective marketplaces.  You have the battle tested Cobra buckle with all of the features we discussed above (with one exception - this one is STRONGER) with a D-ring that has the durability to match.  The Cobra buckle system here has a 4,000 pound load strength while the D-ring alone has a 5,000 pound load bearing capacity, far exceeding the industry standards for strength.

Note:   One design component all of the buckles share is rounded, softened edges.  This assures your pup has durable hardware coupled with comfortable design.

As you can see, the buckles used in the construction of Tactipup gear are strong and dependable, guaranteeing you have nothing but the best for your pup.  At Tactipup, these three buckles get the humans' stamp of approval and two dewclaws up from our canine counterparts.