Current Turn Around Time: 3-5 Weeks 

Limited Edition: 1.5" Bold Design Collection


Want form AND function?  We've got you covered with these bright, stylish and over-built collars!

These collars are 1.5" thick and available with your choice of hardware:

  • Plastic buckle ($26.95) - chill/relaxed dogs that never break equipment and are never on a tie out.
  • Metal Cobra buckle ($49.95) - rated at 2,500 lbs for big, strong or borderline psychotic dogs that could potentially break out of a normal collar and run wild.

Personalization is not available on this collar, the dark/light/busy pattern does not allow enough contrast for names to be visible. 

Size tips: 

  • Size 14"-21" - will fit 85% of dogs - dogs weighing roughly 45-80 lbs
  • Size 16"-25" - will fit larger dogs - dogs weighing roughly 70-120 lbs 


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