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3 in 1 Traffic Handle/Tab Combo Leash


One product, three uses!  Connect the leash to the d-ring on the tab for a traffic handle leash.  Disconnect the leash when you're at the training field and leave the tab on, or put the tab in your pocket and use the leash by its self.  

We kept asking ourselves why there are tabs...and leashes....but no tabs that could connect to a leash giving you a traffic handle leash.  We hope you enjoy this product as much as we do!  

Leash is 4 ft long.  Tab is 1 ft. long.  When connected they are 5 ft. long.  The tab and leash are constructed from military grade nylon webbing and premium bolt snaps to ensure your dog stays safe and secure while in use.  


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Category: Expedite

Type: Leash

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