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Collar Guide

Tactipup offers a number of different dog collars with different widths, buckles, features, colors, etc. and we understand that not everyone comes to our site knowing exactly what would be the best fit for their needs!  That's totally okay - here are some tips: 


We offer collars in 1 Inch, 1.5 Inch, and 2 Inch sizes.  

  • 1.5" is our most popular size and while thicker than normal, is not too thick for everyday wear.  We would not recommend this thickness for dogs with neck sizes smaller than 14 inches as it could be too big.  Here are the collars we offer in 1.5 inch width. 
  • 2" collars are really common for working dogs and XL breeds.  These are popular for working dogs because the width allows the dog to pull without restricting air flow and is really safe.  It also provides more thickness to display patches more prominently.  "Police K9", "Working Dog - DO NOT PET", etc. can be seen more clearly on 2" collars.  Here are our 2 inch width collars. 



Buckles are the biggest contributors to the cost of a particular collar.  We offer 5 buckle types with various level of strength, colors, and features.  

  • Standard Metal AustriAlpin Cobra - These are found in our 1", 1.5" and 2" collars.  They are considered the gold standard of metal side release buckles and are used in a wide range of formats from parachute harnesses, rock climbing equipment, etc.  They have a weight rating of 4,000 lbs and needless to say, you will never have to worry about your dog breaking one of these buckles.  They are very high quality, durable, and are easy to open.  Check out our collars that feature this buckle. 
  • AustriAlpin D-Ring Cobra - is found in our 1.5" working dog collar.  This buckle is more heavy duty than the standard cobra buckle and the main different is that there is a D-ring integrated in to the buckle that is rated up to 5,000 lbs.  This buckle is a little thicker and heavier than a standard Cobra buckle and would suit dogs larger in size.  
  • AustriAlpin FM Cobra - these buckles were made for people who want light weight, and high quality buckles but do not need the strength of an every day Cobra buckle.  While this buckle has a thin profile and a very light weight, it has a working strength of over 800 lbs, which is 4-5 times stronger than an every day side-release buckle that you would find on 95% of dog collars in the pet store.  This collar features the FM Cobra buckle. 
  • AustriAlpin/ITW Nexus GT Cobra - is a collaboration buckle between AustriAlpin and ITW nexus and is 100% polymer and features no metal components.  This buckle is used in some of our 1.5"  collars and is 3x stronger than your every day side-release buckle and has a working strength of around 500 lbs.  Note, these buckles are a bit more bulky than standard metal Cobra buckles.  Check out our Ultra Tactical 1.5" Dog Collar that features the GT Cobra buckle. 
  • Basic Polymer Side Release - your standard every day side release buckle....but a high quality one that we sourced after testing about 15 different types.  Pretty straight forward.  Its a budget friendly and trustworthy classic if your dog has low drive and is easy going on a leash.  Our Basic Tactical dog collar features this buckle.