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Core Tactical 1.5" Dog Collar


The Core Tactical Dog Collar is in the family of our flagship collars that come equipped with metal cobra buckles.  This collar will be a rock solid piece of gear for your dog.  It's overbuilt, because that's just how we roll.  When you open the box with your collar, you will likely lose your breath, and then exclaim to the nearest person that this is the last dog collar you will ever need to buy.  

The collar comes standard with an AustriAlpin 1.5 inch metal Cobra Buckle that is rated at over 2,000 lbs of force, a heavy duty rigger's v-ring that is rated at over 4,000 lbs of force, and premium military grade nylon webbing that is rated at over 2,000.  You likely don't need a dog collar this strong, but it would totally suck if you needed it and didn't have it.  

Pair this collar with our Extreme Tactical Leash and everyone will assume your dog is probably a special forces operator or with some agency that no one knows about.  

Not sure which size to order?  Here is how you should measure your dog's neck to figure out!  If your dog is a puppy, make note in the 'Neck Size' input and we will make your collar to fit your puppy now and allow for maximum room for growth.  

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