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Limited Edition: 1.5" Retro 90's Collar


Did you grow up watching Saved by the Bell, playing with slap bracelets, terrorizing people with Super Soakers, and strategizing about which Starter jacket you wanted for Christmas?  If so, we've got you covered with this quintessential 90's retro collar.

This collar is 1.5" thick and available with your choice of hardware:

  • Plastic buckle - chill/relaxed dogs that never break equipment and are never on a tie out.
  • Metal Cobra buckle rated at 2,500 lbs for big, strong or borderline psychotic dogs that could potentially break out of a normal collar and run wild.

Personalization is not available on this collar, the dark/light/busy pattern does not allow enough contrast for names to be visible. 

Size tips: 

  • Size 14"-21" - will fit 85% of dogs - dogs weighing roughly 45-80 lbs
  • Size 16"-25" - will fit larger dogs - dogs weighing roughly 70-120 lbs 


Collections: Dog Collars, Limited Edition Collars

Category: Christmas

Type: Collar

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